• 4711 EDC 800 ML
Eau de Cologne

4711 eau de cologne

4711 Eau de Cologne 800ml.

4711 EDC 800 ML
4711 EDC 800 ML
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4711 Eau de Cologne 800ml.

4711 Nouveau Cologne is a fruity floral fragrance fragrance family.

Wilhelm Mülhens created this 4711 Original Eau de Cologne in 1792 from a formula of "Aqua Mirabilis" that gave a Carthusian monk. The Original Eau de Cologne was manufactured in 4711 rue des Carillons in Cologne. The quality of the formula, which remained secret for centuries, has allowed this fragrance preserve the purity and virtue of its ingredients.

Top notes of yuzu, lychee and black currant.

Middle notes of geranium, heliotrope and peony.

Base Notes: musk, sandalwood and tonka bean.

Find out and let yourself be seduced by its aroma!